Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Soggy Blogger Thanksgiving Get Together

While I haven't entered a log in exactly 5 months, I felt it only appropriate to log one tonight as I started to make plans to meet again with the group that got me started on this "on and off" adventure. I'm looking forward to meeting with good friends for another soggy blogger lunch next week!

Just a few other updates:
Back on October 9th, Erin & I completed our first metric century bike ride; 62 miles in 3:56. WooHoo!!

I've stopped running completely but plan to start again since I'm planning a run with my old running buddy while back in SC next week. UGH! I might just help him train by having him pull me on roller blades.

I've completely stopped swimming - not sure when that will start back up either.

I need to start setting some goals and get a race in my future so I start training and exercising again!

We cached for 104 days straight from June to September... Wow, what an adventure that was!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Relaxing ride this morning

I planned to up early and out for a good ride this morning after missing out yesterday but... I slept in a little, then had to get my bike ready, etc. since I didn't do that last night, then I couldn't find my speedometer, UGH. I finally headed out with my speedometer for a relaxing ride not focusing on speed or distance just an opportunity to get out and ride for about 30 minutes. I enjoyed the rising sun, the dew as it evaporated off the fields, the birds singing and the opportunity to enjoy it all. God is so good! It's been amazing to see where God has brought us and the things He's taught us over the last year. God is so good!

Final ride results: 10.2 miles, 31:15 19.6 mph avg,
Bike miles this week: 22.5
Bike miles this month: 116.4
Run miles this week: 3.8
Run miles this month: 3.8

Until the next ride, run, swim or cache...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rides, Runs, Caches and Rain

Went for a run with Melissa Monday night. We went 2.3 miles but have no idea how long it took. Can you believe I went out for a run without a watch?! Eli, Isaac and I grabbed a cache nearby as well.

I had a great ride with Erin yesterday morning... 12.3 miles in 52 minutes for a 14.5mph average. She had a great ride for her first time back on the bike in quite a while. I stayed in the smallest chainring and smallest cassette to keep my rpm's up. After the ride, I had about 15 minutes left available for a run so I went out for a timed run. Turned out I ran 1.5 miles in 16 minutes. Not that impressive but given it's my first brick workout since April, I'm happy.

I didn't get to ride into work this morning or even ride this morning due to rain. There was a strong chance of rain in Wilson but not in our area so I planned on just riding from home to Snow Hill and back, about 21 miles. However, when I woke up this morning... RAIN... UGH! I'm really missing a good higher speed ride. Hoping to get one in tomorrow morning. Today after lunch we grabbed another cache as a family. Caleb was the first to spot it while the rest of us were still just starting. Great eyes Caleb! This made #10 on our 100 days of caching challenge.

Final ride results: 12.3 miles, 14.5 mph avg, 52:45
Bike miles this week: 12.3
Bike miles this month: 106.2
Run miles this week: 3.8
Run miles this month: 3.8

Until the next ride, run, swim or cache...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Some weekend highlights

I had a great time with the Collins' and Harris' this weekend. Friday we went to Fort Macon State Park and played on the beach, flew stunt kites and played hard all day. Caleb even went "swimming with the Jellies" and got stung pretty good on his ankles. Melissa suggested that Jordan pee on his ankles but after consulting with the lifeguard, they had a spray bottle with vinegar & water to spray on area to help with the pain. Needless to say, both boys were relieved. We also got to eat a local place called Roma's and enjoyed several varieties of pizza, subs and salads. Great times with friends!

Greg, Erin and I enjoyed continuing our 100 days of caching with a cache down in the area as well. Caleb, Jordan and Avonlea waited for us in the van. Greg was the first to find it as Erin and I worked our way toward the cache.
Saturday afternoon, Greg and I went out to continue the challenge and found a very memorable cache. Pictures are coming soon.
Sunday evening the family headed out to find our daily cache. However, we came up empty handed on the first attempt but came up with a smiley on the second attempt. Whew! Eli found this one. It's fun to have the whole family participating. This is their kind of caching too, one cache a day so they don't get tired of caching for too long.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friends, Sun, Ocean & Caching

What a wonderful day today. We've had friends from SC join us this weekend and today we went to Fort Macon State Park down near Morehead City, NC. What a BLAST! Playing in the ocean, flying stunt kites, good eats, caching, laughs and more!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Glad there are P&G Caches

I've never really been a big fan of the Park & Grab caches. I generally like to hunt and work for the find or be taken to a uniqe place that I may not have gone to otherwise. Even if I would have been in the area, an opportunity to learn something new or a piece of history via caching is always a neat addition to the trip. Even a cache along a series of caches makes the memory special. P&G's however, have never really held a place in my heart; I've always just discounted them as caches for the numbers chasers. Well today, that has changed... a little. I didn't get a chance to grab a cache on the way in to work this morning and just didn't at lunch either. So... a quick P&G was much appreciated after work considering I got out at about 7:00 rather than the expected 5. Anyway... day 5 of the 100 days challenge is now complete.

I also finished my first real video today. I came up with the creative ideas, shot all the video and then edited it all into one mostly seamless piece. I'm looking forward to getting it posted here and letting all my critics help me improve next time.

No ride, run or swim today... it was a rest day. Tomorrow... THE BEACH!

Until the next ride, run, swim or cache...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another PR on the bike!

I had a GREAT ride in to work again today. I'm really beginning to enjoy these bike rides, except for the dogs. Today I tried pouring dog food out as they approached but they took NO interest in it at all. I ended with a new PR for the ride in of 1:23:50. Today, I felt like I could have gone for a short run after the bike. That's really exciting for me. I hope to start working in some 3 mile runs after the bike in in preparation for an international distance Tri this summer/fall. I'm hoping for a run tomorrow.

My interesting sight of the day on the bike made me wish I had my BlackBerry out and ready to take a picture this morning or the fancy camera mount above. As I was cruising along, two men in an OLD, BEAT UP pickup truck passed me towing 3 small trailers all attached to each other. It was quite the sight!

I also stopped along the way for a quick break to grab a cache continuing our 100 days challenge. This cache would have made day 3 but I didn't find the cache. I had set a 5 minute search time limit knowing I hate to DNF (Did Not Find) a cache but I also had to get in to work. I searched for the cache for 7 and then for my speedometer for another 3 so my total stopped time was 10 minutes. UGH! Good news though, I managed to grab another cache during lunch while out meeting Melissa at the bank to set up our NC bank account.

On the job front, I'm enjoying my new job, getting to know the new church body and trying ot remember all their names, etc. I'm learning to use iMovie to create the video announcements at the church. I've shot and edited a couple simple one scene videos last week for the announcements and they turned out OK. Today I started my first multi scene video and I'm looking forward to finishing it up tomorrow. I may just post it here when done... we'll see.

Final ride results: 26.5 miles, 18.9 mph avg, 1:23:50
Bike miles this week: 63.1
Bike miles this month: 93.9
Run miles this week: 0
Run miles this month: 0

Until the next ride, run, swim or cache...