Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Soggy Blogger Thanksgiving Get Together

While I haven't entered a log in exactly 5 months, I felt it only appropriate to log one tonight as I started to make plans to meet again with the group that got me started on this "on and off" adventure. I'm looking forward to meeting with good friends for another soggy blogger lunch next week!

Just a few other updates:
Back on October 9th, Erin & I completed our first metric century bike ride; 62 miles in 3:56. WooHoo!!

I've stopped running completely but plan to start again since I'm planning a run with my old running buddy while back in SC next week. UGH! I might just help him train by having him pull me on roller blades.

I've completely stopped swimming - not sure when that will start back up either.

I need to start setting some goals and get a race in my future so I start training and exercising again!

We cached for 104 days straight from June to September... Wow, what an adventure that was!

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